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Peters Consultants, Inc. offers professional engineering, surveying, and land development services to meet your project goals.


Municipal Services

Our company takes pride in managing the smallest project requirements and making sure we have a positive impact on our community. We have extensive skills and knowledge of municipal and authority requirements.

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Land Surveying

With the precision and power of today's laser scanners, total stations, GPS and robotic equipment, land surveying has become a virtual part of our business. Mapping areas for projects is a crucial part of our services.

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Land Development

From the smallest infrastructure project to the site planning for 100 lot subdivisions and working on industrial, commercial, to residential projects, we provided complete land development/land use services to  our clients.

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Stormwater & Drainage Engineering

We are aware of the impact we have on our environment. Stormwater run-off erosion control is a by-product of land development and we are equipped to deal with providing a stable, environmentally sound site.

Construction Site

Site Engineering & Infrastructure

The complexity of each individual project can be a daunting task for clients. Our expert planning and preparation in infrastructure and site engineering are backed by our management skills, and vast awareness of the legal, environmental and municipal regulations.
Fixing a Pipe

Backflow Prevention & Installation

Nothing is flaw free, backflow of water through any plumbing system can become a serious issue. Commercial buildings are required to have a backflow prevention device and we have certified technicians to provide this service.
Men on Construction Site

Preconstruction & Construction

Foresight is our trademark, having the ability to visualize a finished infrastructure project at it's conception.

Wastewater & Potable Water Design

We are retained by a number of wastewater and potable water authorities with ongoing services of over 40 years.

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Flood Elevation Certificates

Flood hazard zones can be detrimental and should be checked upon. Our surveyors offer full certification, and FEMA elevation services when your property is located in a flood hazard area.


UV Filtration Systems

 UV Filtration Systems can help improve the safety and health of our clients by removing bacteria, contaminants, and viruses. We design UV systems as well as HEPA/Virus removal systems for a number of our clients. 

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