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Wastewater & Potable Water Design Services

Dirt Construction Site

Peters Consultants, Inc. is experienced with the wastewater planning process and the interrelationship between subdivisions / land development activities, wastewater planning and on-lot wastewater management. We identify opportunities to eliminate or reduce the wastewater stream at its source and deliver the solution that balances the need of the system and bottom line. 

Wastewater and Water Planning

  • Wastewater Engineering

  • Wastewater and Water Treatment Plants

  • Water Storage Tanks

  • Potable Well Development

  • Collection Distribution Systems

  • Infiltration / Inflow

  • Pump Stations

  • Operations and Administative Assistance

  • Financial Services

Sewage Site Evaluation

Our engineers and designers are experts at controlling costs for our clients through system repairs and modification, finding ways to reduce sewage generation and through innovation.

Services / Industrial Wastewater

  • Permitting Negotiations, Application Presentation

  • Feasibility Studies, Modeling and Evaluations

  • Design Engineering

  • Troubleshooting

  • Residuals Management

  • Treatability Studies

  • Construction Services

  • Health and Safety Plans

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