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Pre-Construction and Construction Services

Dirt Construction Site

Peters Consultants, Inc. has a mission to minimize field changes, identify and resolve problems before they become serious, and ensures that each client's project is completed on time and built according to the approved plans and specified standards. We tailor the team of experienced Engineers, Construction Representatives and Support Personnel to the unique needs of each civil and enviromental project.

Pre-Construction & Construction ​Services

  • Contract Documents for Public Works Infrastructure

  • Construction Cost Opinions

  • Bid Packaging

  • Contractor Pre-qualification

  • Prepare Addendum / Change Addendum

  • Bidding Phase

  • Advertising

  • Contractor Lists

  • Pre-bid Conferences

  • Bid Opening and Evaluation

  • Recommendation for Contract Award

  • Pre-construction Conference

Specialty Services

  • Wastewater and Water Treatment Plants and Pump Station Designs

  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Building Design

  • Storm Sewer, Potable Water and Sanitary Sewer Design

  • Erosion and . Sediment Control Plans and Reports

  • Roads and Parking Lot Design

  • Curbs and Sidewalk Design

  • Potable Water Systems and Water Towers

  • Engineering Services During Construction

  • Contract Administration

  • Process Contractor Payment Requests

  • Change Order Processing

  • Claims Resolution

  • Record Drawings Preparation

  • PennDOT and Hazmat Certification

  • Final Inspections and Control Close-out

  • Construction Observation

  • Engineer Representation During Construction

  • Full-time and Part-time Resident Project Representation

Construction Workers
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