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Stormwater & Drainage Engineering Services

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Stormwater and Drainage Services

  • Stormwater Management Master Plans

  • Drainage Basin Studies and Design

  • Drainage Retrofit Improvements

  • Capital Improvement Programs

  • State, County, and Local Permit Applications

  • Systems Design and Permitting

  • Stormwater Conveyance Piping, Swale and other Conveyance Systems

  • Mitigation Plans and Permit Applications

  • Construction Bidding and Construction

  • Administration Services

  • Post Construction Management

  • NPDES Permit Applications

  • Grant Applications

  • Stormwater Management Utilities

  • Erosion Control and Sedimentation Narrative Reports

  • Infiltration Testing

  • Best Management Practices

  • MS-4 Reports and Plans

A major concern in today's world is the environmental impact of new developments, including stormwater run-off, erosion and sediments leaving construction sites. These concerns as well as government policy makers and the environmental agencies charges with regulations have led to more stringent oversight and enforcement of stormwater runoff. 

Peters Consultants, Inc. addresses those concerns during the design, construction and post construction phases. We have the expertise to meet today's stormwater regulations with flexible, cost-effective solutions. Our engineers are committed to communicating with clients and regulators to develop solutions that conserve and enhance our natural resources.

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