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Land Development Services

Land development plan

Stormwater and Drainage Services

  • Design / Site Planning

  • Preliminary Feasibility Studies

  • Re-zoning Applications

  • Official Plan Amendments

  • Preparation of Land Development and Subdivision Plans

  • Initial Site Work

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Design of Roads and Infrastructure

Peters Consultants, Inc. provides engineering assistance to municipalities in terms of long-range planning and the assessment of proposed projects, including the review of plans and reports prepared by private developers. We have been involved in projects related to commercial, residential and industrial developments and ranging in size and up to several hundred lots.

Peters Consultants, Inc. provides complete land development/land use services to clients, ranging from draft plan and site plan layout through total station surveying, terrain modeling and detailed specifications, contract administration and site review during construction. We aim to meet our clients' goals and objectives and have the knowledge to meet government and regulatory standards for each project.

  • Lot Grading and Stormwater Distribution Plans

  • Design of Communal Water Supply and Distribution Systems

  • Sanitary Sewer Systems Design

  • Stormwater Management Design

  • Submission to Regulatory Authorities

  • Project Management

  • Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP), Plans and Applications

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